Wolf In The Winter


Wolf in the Winter is an international performance collective. A group of six solo performance artist who come together through the years to make a pack.

The essential element that binds the group is a commitment to direct communication that is not splintered by language or clogged in technology.

We speak through physical action in a tough poetic about the world around us. Each time we perform we invite one or two other artist to join us, thus keeping the packs manifestations fresh and vital. We also actively vary our venues and audience. Making work in Greenland for a ninety percent Inuit audience. Haunting Spanish industrial towns with no previous experience of contemporary art. Working in Dorchester Abbey from Dusk to dawn.

Smuggling ourselves into theatrical festivals as well as being invited to perform in significant culture centres like Fierce Festival Birmingham, Modern Art Oxford, the Württenbergischer Kunstverien Stuttgart, Germany, the South London Gallery and the National Review of Live Art.

Brian Catling
† 26 September 2022
3 - 4 October 2013 - Blind leading the blind The wolves in Birmingham at Fierce Festival performing two different venues. GROUP PERFORMANCE - at Edible East Side, Birmingham - Fierce Festival Photographs:  
Eloise Fornieles’ practice is predominantly performance- based, using video, photography and the spoken. Her investigation into personal human connections is framed within a broader overview of the relationship between body and environment, and the individual’s place within society.  
By Christine Hoffmann

Die Raum-Ereignisse der Performance: Brenngläser, in denen ein Moment Welt geschieht. Sie stellt eine wie auch immer absonderliche Wirklichkeit her, in der sich ein Spiel vollzieht.  
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